5 Predictions from A2Go for 2023!

1.Data for the sake of data will continue to be a false panacea. Exponentially expanding data will continue to skew the noise/signal ratio heavily toward noise. Companies will continue to collect petabytes of data across multiple loosely integrated platforms and declare digital victory citing the sheer volume of data they’ve collected. Data integrity and completeness issues will abound and the naïve application of advanced algorithms to garbage data will produce disappointing yet predictable results in 2023. 

2.The Web3 revolution will be slower and less “game-changing” than fanfare predicts. Marketing tactics that emulate Web2 will proliferate; billions will be spent on naïve yet familiar-feeling algorithms that mimic Web2 functionality, KPIs and reporting conventions. The notion that decentralized is always better will drive well-meaning but ill-conceived initiatives which meet the same fate as 90% of crypto and data projects – big promises, little to no meaningful results in 2023 

3.Detection, prioritization, and reaction will remain the name of the game in Supply Chain. The companies that identify changes first, will be the winners in these iterative winner-take-most markets. Companies must not only identify but also systemically respond to remain the winners in these iterative winner-take-most markets. The ability to continuously synchronize supply & demand will become a matter of survival in 2023. 

4.Social network, NPS-based marketing will continue to leg-out on traditional and conventional targeted social/search paid advertising in 2023. Spend on undifferentiated marketing techniques are mostly “dead money” at this point. We’re seeing digital marketing come full circle where implied or explicit personal referrals are the key to customer attention. Engaging social circles, experts and influencers will continue to be the winning strategy in 2023.

5.Pricing will become a renewed battleground for all products. Value-based pricing will be a KPP for the most profitable companies. Escalating and increasingly hard-to-calculate and volatile landed costs mean cost-plus-pricing will become an archaic liability. Value-based pricing particularly linked to premium branding will become the best way to defend and expand EBITDA in 2023.

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