Demand Intelligence Suite

Learn from Your Data

AI powered dynamic pricing

Now more than ever, you must track new trends and patterns in product demand, customer preferences, and marketplaces.

The Data Intelligence Solutions improve and accelerate decision making.
Three core capabilities can be deployed in less than 6 weeks.

Price-Right AI continues to learn from your customers’ purchasing behaviors so your sales teams will always have the most up to date, optimized prices at their fingertips.

Trends Discovery

Interpret/explain past results. Use trend insights to forecast and plan more effectively.

Outlier Discovery

Uncover hidden correlations in any set of structured data, including Excel spreadsheets.

Outlier Discovery

Identify atypical data to discover root causes and get alerts sent to your workflows.

It's at the heart of everything we do.

AI Augmented Workflows

Supply Chain Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, Price & Promotion Optimization

Don’t rip out and replace your existing workflows!

Augment what you have with AI- when & where you need it!

Person looking for Analytics2go dynamic pricing and AI augmented workflows on the net using his digital tablet

Leverage your data for better decision making

Demand Prediction Use Cases

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The Unique AI-powered Cross-sell Tool for QSR