Has Covid put the brakes on your plans to use AI in your business?

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The businesses that are surviving and even thriving in 2020 are ones that have already begun to use data and AI to their advantage in their business where automation, speed, and optimization can improve outcomes. These businesses are able to make better and faster decisions using cloud-based solutions that deliver results in near real-time to any device.

The key advantage of these solutions is that the only requirement for them to function is the continual flow of data to and from a cloud-based solution provider. Covid or no Covid, this is the direction things are moving in business.

At Analytics2Go (A2Go), we have seen many companies continue to innovate and acquire AI-driven solutions throughout 2020. They are achieving success even while experiencing the extremes in volatility, uncertainty, and complexity brought on by COVID-19’s worldwide impact. We would argue that they are benefitting from AI solutions because they are applying them to areas of their business that provide the most immediate and measurable impact, typically on sales and profits.

In fact, one of our customers in the foodservice distribution industry adopted our AI solution for price optimization and saw improvement in sales and profits even during the months of massive shutdowns and restrictions. They knew that leaving the pricing to the customer-facing sales reps was resulting in lost opportunities, so they enlisted A2Go in late 2019 to configure our Price-Right AI solution to fit their specific needs.

As restaurant lockdowns and dramatic changes in consumer behavior began to unfold in early 2020, this distributor stayed the course. Even at the peak of lockdowns in May – July and later in the fall, A2Go’s Price-Right AI improved sales by over 3% and gross profits by over 4%. As a result, our customer outperformed many US-based food distributors that are down 30% in revenue from 2019, on average.

We have built a number of solutions during the roller coaster year of 2020 and have proven that we can deliver results without ever physically stepping foot in our customers’ buildings. Of course, this approach won’t work for every company—but it absolutely works for companies looking to automate and optimize recurring business decisions that can be vastly improved from the more traditional use of spreadsheet and business intelligence (BI) tools.

Foodservice distributors face the challenge of pricing each product in a way that maximizes sales and profits while satisfying their customers’ desire for competitive and favorable pricing. Now is the time for the industry to transition from cumbersome pricing matrices and business intelligence tools that only look backward to forward-looking, AI-driven solutions for more timely and accurate price optimization strategies. It has never been more important.

AI-driven solutions can process millions of data points in seconds and return results to customers where and when they need them. There really is no need for huge purchases of new hardware or software to address the types of business problems A2Go is expert at solving with AI.Let us run your AI while you run your business. It’s an economical partnership.analytics2go.comAnalytics2Go stands by the belief that AI-driven solutions are not about eliminating people but about augmenting what they do.
The best AI business solutions bring humans and AI together. Contact us to learn more.

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