Market Operations Suite

All point solutions in this suite complement each other and together work to optimize your revenue and margins. Price Optimization, Product Recommendations, and Promotion Optimization all work in any B2B or B2C business and have been shown to improve ticket values, revenue, and wallet share in industries from distribution to online retail.

Demand Shaping

In addition to using the levers of dynamic pricing and promotions, our solutions provide market intelligence to shape demand for your products. Our demand shaping solution considers input from your supply & demand forecasting to simulate aggregate plan outcomes and establish demand shaping action priorities.

Price Optimization

The optimal price for every product is dynamic by nature. Local market conditions and pressures from competitors leave your pricing teams fighting for market share and reaching sales goals. We know that pricing thousands of products in a volatile and uncertain economy is a huge challenge. You need all of the data in one place, recommended actions and automation where needed. All of these things are available with our price optimization.

Our customers have seen

  • increases in revenue of 5-20%
  • increases in the rate of revenue growth
  • decreases in the time & costs involved in pricing by 50-80%
  • decreases in pricing errors by 99%

Product Recommendation

Maximize your short & long-term profits by helping customers find relevant items to purchase. Our product recommendation solution reduces customer order times and increases average order values while creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities for you. Our solution continuously learns your customers behavior to recommend products they are most likely to purchase in any given context.

Promotion & Bundling Optimization

Based on the same AI engines as our Product Recommendation solution, promotion & bundling optimization is used to improve your share of the customers wallet and your revenue. You can increase brand awareness and optimize marketing costs & cycle-times by evaluating cost vs. benefit of your marketing efforts.

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Price & Promotion Optimization for Distributors

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Price & Promotion Optimization for online retail

Market Intelligence

Get the ability to simulate pricing vs. market share, analyze alternative scenarios, assistance in understanding pricing/market share tradeoffs, price optimization recommendations, and non-uniform pricing strategies to optimize revenue on a channel/regional basis and optimal responses to competitor moves. Your market analysis can be put on autopilot saving you time on manual analysis and marketing cycle-times.