Planning Operations Suite

Collectively, the solutions in this suite are designed to reduce process costs, significantly reduce process cycle times, reduce clerical and administrative workload in the S&OP process, enable rapid analysis of multiple scenarios and identification of superior planning alternatives, and optimize revenue/gross margins or inventory performance depending on your priorities.

Demand Planning

By understanding your historical demand trends and drivers, you will have the ability to develop a more accurate demand plan. This solution will help you to evaluate unconstrained demand scenarios while capturing your demand planning assumptions.

Demand/Supply Synchronization

The ability to synchronize your demand & supply plans to optimize your planning operations, you will need to understand your supply constraints and tradeoffs, current lead-time constraints, and model your current “planning change costs”. Our synchronization tool works with our demand and supply sensing solutions to balance what comes in and what goes out.

S&OP Plan Optimization

Connect & coordinate sales and operations planning for your unique business with AI-infused workflows. Benefit from the analysis of thousands of ‘what if’ scenarios to empower your decision making and maximize your profits and margins. We work with you to develop a S&OP simulation model specific to your business. It will create assumptions-driven scenarios, evaluate each scenario thus provide an iterative planning process. This solution consolidates all AI rePlan inputs

Forecast/Financial Synchronization

Coordinate expectations with financial plans by understanding your financial planning assumptions to create your financial planning model. The synchronization uses input from your demand forecasting activities.

Monthly Portfolio Analysis

Assess product revenue and profitability, analyze resource & capacity allocations, evaluate product portfolio alternatives, and simulate possible product portfolio plans.