Accurate Forecasts Mean Better Business

The three basic approaches to forecasting with data

Qualitative techniques, time-series analysis and projections, and causal models. Within each of the basic approaches, you find many different subcategories or types of mathematical techniques—each applicable to a subset of forecasting scenarios. Click here for a more detailed explanation of approaches.

Analytics2Go’s data science team supports all approaches and techniques and incorporates them into our solutions for our customers.

Good Forecasts Mean Good Strategy

Forecasting is for planning, avoiding, and alerting

Depending on the type of business you are in, you will need to forecast many different things to plan and strategize for the weeks and months to come; including workforce planning, sales, supply and demand for specific products, and much more.

Analytics2Go fits AI forecasting solutions to our customer’s specific needs. We augment all forecasting solutions by providing external data streams that represent external forces on your business. External data can give context to what is happening around you and your business—allowing forecasts to be optimized ‘in the moment.’

Our solutions are designed to continually learn your business as it grows and changes. Since forecasting models can drift over time and lose accuracy for many reasons, Analytics2Go provides ongoing support services (AI as a Service) that help maintain the accuracy of the solutions we develop.

If you could sneak a peek into the future, where would you look?

Distributors & Retailers

Analytics2Go has AI-driven forecasting solutions that help our customers accurately forecast demand for products by customer segment, region, season, and more. This precision allows for proper inventory allocation among DCs, as well as strategic pricing & promotional manipulations to balance inventory with demand.

In addition, understanding what customers will order or should order is another powerful way to utilize our demand forecasting solutions. This level of precision forecasting gives marketing, sales, and supply chain managers a view into the future to maximize revenue using targeted promotional campaigns, suggestive selling, and inventory optimization.  

Our solutions work from the cloud and deliver insights and recommended actions to our customers via their existing software screens. This is the fastest and least disruptive way to get precision forecasts to our customers.

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Demand Shaping Suite

A2Go’s three solution categories of pricing & promotion optimization, product recommendation optimization, and precision forecasting combine to deliver the ability to shape the demand of products or product categories.

Each solution can work alone or in concert with the other A2Go AI apps to bring added increases in revenue and decision accuracy. Many data streams are shared among the solutions while other data streams, including external data, may be unique to a customer’s particular business environment.

Forecast with precision using real-time data & continuously learning AI

Sales & Revenue
Foot traffic per store
Product demand by SKU & region
Customer Purchasing Behavior

Using AI to quickly and accurately forecast which products will sell, in what quantities, and at what locations gives distributors and retailers the ability to manage inventory and shape demand for products using price & promotion AI, as well as, product recommendation AI.

Accurately forecasting sales and foot traffic provides visibility into daily, weekly, and monthly workforce scheduling that reduces costs and improves efficiency. Having the necessary workforce on hand, whether in-store or online, is also the best way to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer experience has been transformed by the use of machine learning and AI with the ability to understand each customer’s preferences across channels. Accurately forecasting customer purchasing behavior gives distributors and retailers the ability to personalize prices, promotions, and recommended products based on inventory availability.

The added benefit to using AI models for forecasting is that they continually ingest data and learn your customers and your business making forecasts more accurate over time. AI gives you an agile forecasting partner with a limitless capability to use data to change with your business.