Quick Service Restaurant Solutions

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No new hardware required!

It's a simple connection through the cloud to your POS system.

Get over 15% increase in sales with A2Go’s cross sell solution in a matter of weeks!

Solutions packed with features

Promotion Optimization

Enables promotions to be designed, planned, and implemented in a way that investments are optimized for traffic and sales goals.

Estimated value: 10% - 20% increase in promotion efficiency.

Workforce Planning

Provides companies with the ability to manage their workforces in a more efficient way based on multi-day, store-level traffic forecasts.

Estimated value: 5% reduction in labor cost.

Short-Term Operations Planning

Short-term demand-prediction enables stores to rationalize their operations and improve efficiency through reducing waste without impacting customer experience.

Estimated value: depends on the operating function to be rationalized.

Digital Menu Board Optimization

Provides any digital menu board with dynamic, data-driven product recommendations suitable to time of day, day of the week and store location.

Estimated value: increase of 2% on revenue and 6% on profitability.

Granular & Dymamic Pricing

Establishes granular and dynamic (day of the week and time of day) pricing based on product and geography.

Estimated value: increase of 3% on sales and 15% on profitability.