Leverage what you have and continue to benefit from previous infrastructure investments

AI can optimize your efficiency and profitability by improving your day-to-day and long-term planning and business management. You’ve become dependent on your ERP system. They work best when demand is predictable and suppliers are reliable. When circumstances change or anomalies occur, your forecast becomes unreliable and your plans become obsolete – and your ERP cannot react!
A2Go’s AI solutions significantly improve your forecast accuracy by providing insights, predictions, and recommendations.

Our AI Solutions Drive Efficiency and Profits

Success has long been determined by companies who have taken advantage of technological advancements. Smart decision makers are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to gain an edge in the marketplace and ensure continued success.
With Analytics2Go’s Workflow AI, you can directly impact your bottom line, achieving greater revenue and profitability across all decision points within your supply chain.

How is this possible? Our solutions allow you to:

  • Make better decisions with better data
  • Experience a shorter time-to-benefit
  • Maintain existing platforms, systems and workflows
  • Realize significantly reduced costs
Can I integrate AI with my existing ERP system?

Yes. Our AI solutions are designed to make your ERP more effective, without causing disruption to your business processes, ways-of-working, or IT infrastructure. In fact, our AI empowers your ERP to significantly improve both demand and supply forecasting speed, consistency, and accuracy.
Read More – Download the PDF: Optimizing ERP Forecasts with AI

The power of Workflow AI is its ability to provide insights, predictions, and recommendations that are both reliable and actionable. For decision makers who are focused on growing their business, Analytics2Go's AI solutions are an absolute game-changer.


A2Go’s AI models process and analyze vast amounts of data at high speeds. They uncover insights that are impossible for humans to identify including: patterns, correlations, anomalies, or trends in the data.


A2Go’s AI models use historical data, advanced algorithms, and machine learning models to predict future trends and outcomes. They continuously learn and improve as they process more data, leading to more accurate forecasts over time.


A2Go’s AI models generate recommendations based on their analysis and predictions. They can: anticipate a potential shortage of a product and recommend restocking or increasing production; help optimize inventory management; or suggest alternative suppliers if a disruption occurs.
'Price-Right AI' for Wholesale & Distribution
Leverage what you already do and continue to benefit from previous infrastructure investments

Build AI into your existing processes to deliver insights, predictions, and prescribed actions that your knowledge workers need to optimize their daily decisions.

Cloud-based Workflow AI Solutions

To minimize disruption, our solutions work alongside your workflows - at the point of need.

Enhanced Results with External Data Streams

All A2Go solutions are augmented with relevant external data streams that provide context to each insight, prediction, and recommended action—Including geographical, weather, demographic data, and more.

AI as a Service

Quickly identify your AI needs, deploy solutions, and get ongoing solution support that fit your specific business needs—in pricing & promotions, precision forecasting, omni-channel product recommendations, and supply chain operations planning.

Because opportunity for better efficiency exists at each decision point across the supply chain, Analytics2Go has created specific solutions to help with each step.

Unsure of how to set market prices in a constantly changing environment? Analytics2Go can help. Having trouble finding the right balance between supply and demand? Analytics2Go has a solution for that too. Which solutions are you looking for?