Supply Chain Operations Suite

Our ML/AI apps allow you to use data, domain knowledge, and your own business rules to sense supply and demand for products and services. Applying your own business rules to each calculation allows you to optimize your inventory operations planning in near real time versus the typical 3-5 week planning cycle. Because all of the apps in our suite are continuously fed data from both internal and external sources, the apps continually sense and learn your business providing knowledge and alerts of adverse events or trends so corrections can be made quickly by your knowledge workers.

Demand Sensing


• Monitor performance to agreed plan
• Optimize revenue and gross margins
• Resolve adverse trends
• Prioritize corrective actions
• Provide inputs to AI rePlan simulations


• Optimize revenues & gross margins


• Pricing Process costs & time by 50-80%
• Planning process latency
• Excess inventory

Solution Includes

• Demand planning
• Promotion optimization
• Product recommendation
• Product bundling optimization


• Supply Chain metrics reported and analyzed
• High priority customer and supply issues identified and analyzed
• Demand, Supply & Manufacturing Sensing exception filter criteria set
• Standard evaluation of reported plan exceptions determined
• AI rePlan input and output specs determined


Demand Sensing

Improve the accuracy of your demand forecast by sensing market demand in near-real time. Allow yourself to resolve adverse trends before they impact your business. Benefit from external data sources to understand what is happening in your market.

  • Reduce Planning Process Latency
  • Avoid excess Inventory
  • Prevent stock-outs

Supply & Manufacturing Sensing

Understand material availability, as well as product and delivery constraints with data from plants, suppliers, and logistics. Benefit from multiple scenario analysis for better decision making.

Inventory Optimization

The key objective of this solution is to define your end-to-end stocking model. Of course, as the world changes, your model will change. To keep up, this solution provides continuous model simulations and recommended actions.

You will be able to optimize safety stocks, prevent stock-outs, understand costs & dependencies, reduce waste, evaluate scenarios, gets recommended actions for quick decision making.


AI rePlan

AI rePlan pulls together all the supply chain operations solutions into one coordinated planning tool for any supply chain.

Monitor ongoing performance to plan

Resolve adverse trends with recommended corrective actions

Share alerts and recommendations with decision makers

Update your plan in hours or days instead of weeks.

  • Reduce operational planning cycle times
  • Reduce latency of planning process
  • Capture current planning assumptions
  • Simulate replanning alternatives
  • Provide replanning automation