Do you want to make better decisions with better information without disrupting your current operations?

Supply Chain & Pricing Optimization, Powered by AI

Analytics2Go’s Workflow AI allows you to make better decisions with better information across all decision points within your supply chain.  Enjoy a shorter time-to-benefit and implementation that will not disrupt your current operations.  Discover how your company can substantially increase sales and profit in as little as 4-6 months.

Pricing can become Senior Management’s most effective lever to influence profit and growth. Delly’s, a large food distributor in Brazil, contracted Analytics2Go to AI-enable its pricing process to achieve significant economic and business benefits. These  goals were realized, and their solution was implemented rapidly without having to change existing systems and processes.

In this episode of Talking Logistics, Adrian Gonzalez interviews Alessandro Chiaramitara, President of Delly’s, and Michael Romeri, CEO of Analytics2Go, to understand how this rapid and effective change was achieved, and the substantial economic benefits were delivered.

If increasing revenue and profits quickly and effectively is one of your top priorities, you need to see how Delly’s realized these benefits.

Create Economic Value Through Artificial Intelligence

Make Better Decisions with Better Data
Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions significantly improve your business workflows by providing unmatched insights, predictions, and recommendations that allow you to make better decisions with better information.

Guaranteed Shorter Time-to-Benefit
While traditional AI vendors require 12-24 months or more to implement their solutions, our customers start experiencing the benefits within just 4-6 months. 

Implementation That Does Not Disrupt Your Current Operations
We use AI to solve existing business issues without replacing existing processes, applications, or workflows. Most AI providers replace existing platforms, systems, and workflows which creates barriers to success. Our solution eliminates long implementations, adoption resistance, and high ownership costs.

Significantly Reduced Costs
Our deployments not only outshine those of our competitors in terms of simplicity and cost-effectiveness, but also yield lower operating costs. The result? We provide a more powerful AI solution at a much lower cost.

Make Better Decisions with Every Opportunity

Supply Chain Management can be amazingly complex. Our AI solutions simplify decision making by providing information that is more reliable and actionable. Because opportunity exists at each decision point across the supply chain, optimizing your workflows with AI will allow you to achieve greater revenue and profitability at each step along the way.

Market Pricing

Employ Internal and External data sources; update prices to maximize gross margins; optimize systematically and continually

Differentiated Pricing

Understand customer buying behaviors; classify customers; provide cluster-specific optimized pricing, promotion and bundling recommendations continuously

Demand Sensing

Identify and analyze significant deviations from current formal demand plans; reduce cost and time to understand changes in demand and forecast precisely

Supply Sensing

Monitor and rate supplier performance-to-plan; provide insights and predictions, minimize detection-to-resolution time

Demand & Supply Optimization

Identify demand and supply disruptions, recommend necessary actions and remediation; evaluate feasible alternatives and establish optimal integrated plan

Demand Shaping

Synchronize pricing and inventory; provide incentives related to pricing, promotions, or bundling to shift demand to excess products and away from shortages

Market Intelligence

Synchronizing sales efforts, prices, promotions, and value-added services with customer’s preferences, behavior, and latent operating strategies


What clients are saying about A2Go solutions

“Our A2Go dynamic pricing solution resulted in a rapid 3% uptick in revenue and 4% in profitability on only a subset of products and customers. Prices are delivered seamlessly to our ordering channels.

We feel strongly that one of the key elements to our success was A2Go’s App-based approach that integrated into our existing workflows rather than requiring significant resources from our IT and making our workforce change the way we operate to adapt to the solution.”

– Head of Foods Portfolio Management, lnvestment Company

“The greatest advantages we realized were finding the optimal solution, the speed in reaction time it affords us, and the seamless integration into our existing workflows without making our workforce change the way we operate and without requiring significant resources from our IT department.” Director, Price Optimization

“We have 230,000 SKUs making it humanly impossible to optimize the pricing of each product in a dynamic market environment. Our A2Go dynamic pricing solution runs continuously on internal and external data streams and delivers insights and prescribed pricing in real time. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, having optimal, dynamic pricing as conditions changed – was more important than ever before in our business.” – CEO, Major Furniture Retailer

“Analytics2Go delivered immediate economic benefits – increases in sales and profits – and those benefits have continued to compound over time. We could not be more pleased with our overall results.” – President, Food Sector

Success in 3 Simple Steps

While adopting AI into your business environment requires careful planning and execution, A2Go works to make integration simple and easy. Our comprehensive implementation and support services consists of three components:

Rapid Assessment

A2Go quickly identifies opportunities and threats, then determines AI-enhanced future state operations and technology. We develop a Roadmap that identifies optimum results and ROI.


Our proven customer activation process consists of four steps: Blueprinting, Data Preparation, Solution Development, and Pilot /Parallel Operation. This process ensures rapid results without organizational change or disruption.


AI solutions constantly evolve. We provide technical expertise, monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing solution improvements.