Analytics2Go (A2Go) was established by a group of seasoned data scientists, engineers, and management consultants in 2017 to ease the transition for companies into the next generation of data-driven business operations

Our goal is to make it possible for businesses to use data to optimize recurring, mission-critical decisions in real time and at the point of use – by sales teams, pricing teams and supply chain management teams – without the overhead of long consulting engagements, software purchases, sourcing external data, or building out your own applications.

Our motivation to build an analytics company came from knowing that becoming a data-driven business is a heavy lift and is often most successful when it requires the least amount of disruption to business continuity. To address the many difficulties with data and AI deployment and adoption, our founders sought to build an AI as a Service company that designs and deploys “Workflow AI” solutions. Workflow AI solutions are built to work alongside and within existing systems.

We are proud to say that today, we deliver low risk, high ROI, and fast AI solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Executive Team and Advisory Board

Mike has an extensive background in consulting and operations as well as in entrepreneurship and innovation in the technology sector. Since graduating from Harvard University with an MBA and a BA in economics and history, he has held several executive roles with manufacturing and software companies, including Senior Vice President of Flextronics’ Europe; CEO and Managing Partner at OPS Rules (acquired by Accenture in 2016).

Mike Romeri

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is a cofounder of Analytics2Go and has been instrumental in its development. He is an innovative technologist with a background as a principal at PwC-PRTM Technology Services (2000 – 2009) and as a Director at IBM Commerce Services for Asia Pacific Region (2010 – 2017).

Earlier in his career, he led software development & production teams at Bernan Associates & Giddings & Lewis.

Stephen Hutson

Chief Technology Officer

Cesar is an IT and Digital Transformation Executive with an MBA from University of Colorado-Boulder and over 25 years of experience helping companies successfully launch digital initiatives. He has extensive experience in financial services, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, retail, agribusiness, manufacturing, and more.

Specifically, he has guided clients in IT strategy, information security, software engineering, digital transformation, as well as, innovations in IoT, machine learning, AI, big data and analytics.

Cesar Oliveira

Chief Operating Officer

Pete has been providing go-to-market strategies and sales and marketing programs to Supply Chain companies for over 40 years. He develops strategies and marketing programs that: increase communications effectiveness, capitalize on industry thought-leadership, and enhance market position through the effective application of information technology. He has founded, built, and sold three Supply Chain technology companies and has been a frequent lecturer at both domestic and international industry trade associations and marketing seminars.

Pete Stiles

Chief Marketing Officer

Christian directs A2Go’s AI/analytics factory development and operations. He brings a 20+ year career in IT management to his role in building the solutions that we provide in collaboration with our clients. Before joining A2G, he led IT management and development initiatives at several large Brazilian companies.

Specifically, he has guided clients in IT strategy, information security, software engineering, digital transformation, as well as, innovations in IoT, machine learning, AI, big data and analytics.

Christian Alves

Lead, Analytics Factory

Danillo has published widely in the field of analytics, machine learning, and AI. His main focus at A2Go is creating modern analytics models that aid business planning and decision-making. His Master’s and PhD degrees are in computer graphics/vision and applied mathematics. He also held post- doctorate fellowships in machine learning and data science at University of Campinas and Federal University of São Carlos.

Danillo Pereira

Chief Analytics Officer