Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

Accelerate your transformation--with technology and human expertise

Panel of Services

AI Opportunity Assessment (AOA)

A2Go partners with your teams to develop an AI strategy starting with the identification of the biggest impact use cases and moving on to a diagnostic phase of data and processes. The AOA typically takes 1 - 4 weeks, at which time our team will have a clear picture of your data quality and availability, an understanding of the processes connected to the identified use case, and a proposal for the AI solutions you will need to improve efficiencies and revenue.

Data Curation and Augmentation

Using the AOA, we develop a data model to support your use cases. Our team examines your available data and works to understand how it can deliver solutions to your teams. A2Go prepares your data for use while sourcing external data feeds that will provide contextual information needed to understand the ever-changing environment in which your decisions are made. External data sources can include anything from live news feeds to global market numbers and much more.

Standard, Configurable, or Custom Solutions

A2Go will recommend either a standard AI solution from our library or assemble a solution to fit the nuances of your business. Solutions are assembled from A2Go algorithms, API, and external data libraries specific to use cases and industries. AI-models are guaranteed to out-perform your current practices.

Monitor & Update AI Solutions

AI models continually learn your business through new data while A2Go monitors, updates, and supports each solution - to deliver predictions and prescriptions to your end users. Solutions are integrated into your existing workflows to minimize infrastructure changes and maximize adoption.